Vibrant, textured art to nurture the soul


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Color. Language of the eyes. What else could express the vivid joy of life that bursts from within us?
Like life, never flat, my wood and canvas works are textured with striking embellishments, adding layers of depth to each piece. 
Come join my journey. Feast your eyes on visions that feed the soul. Lift your spirit with a little piece of the world as I see it.
                              Chaya Hindy


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Simply by gazing at it, one is easily swept into the scene.

"When I chanced upon a magnificent view of birds flying over a body of water, I knew I wanted that image in the form of a vibrant painting. Something 3-dimensional, with character and texture. I gave my vision over to Chaya Hindy - and when I saw the final piece, I was ecstatic. The hues and colors coordinated beautifully with the furniture in the room. The birds seemed ready to fly right out of the painting. Simply by gazing at it, one is easily swept into the scene. Its a painting I'm passionate about."  - Ruchy Perl   




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golden hour.jpg
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Original Artwork "GOLDEN HOUR"


The painting Chaya Hindy created for me is a familiar scene, yet inventive, beautifully and creatvely captured. Its something I love having in my home.  -Ruchy Weinstock

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Art show at Leviim Art Gallery in the American Dream Mall