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It all started off as a passion for intricately decorated baked goods. But the impressions, thoughts and stories I really wanted to convey... they couldn't be told through food. Before long, a paintbrush became my best friend. I went from satisfying taste buds - to stimulating souls. 

What's my signature style you ask? #TextureObssesed!

Many of my pieces are created with texture, on wood and canvas, adding a life-like element to the art which greatly helps tell the story I'm conveying. 

Here's a sampling of my favorite mediums:

aishes chayil close up 2.jpg


 After applying a special adhesive, I gently dab the delicate gold leaf onto the wood or canvas, and then brush away the excess. It's beautiful.

kosel 6.jpg


Resin takes the art to a whole new level. It adds a high shine and gloss, giving depth and character, making it all the more magnificent.



My all-time favorite medium to create with, these flowers add a brilliant touch to the painting. 

silver gold kosel 1.png


Texture! It's my signature style, and a blast to create with.  Using a pallet knife, a paste is applied to create textures and patterns, creating dimensional layers.

"This unique picture attracts all who walk into the house. They take a step back to admire the depths. The precise strokes and complex blends of the delicate paints, create a stunning glow that radiates warmth to the room." Esty N.


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