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Uncommon Art for Visionary Designers

In the spaces you design, there's a vision for every inch. Yet how often do you struggle to find that perfect finishing touch? That elusive element that will pull it all together?


Stop wasting hours scouring the shops for the final piece of your design.


Get a unique work of art created just for that space. My works can be either:


   1. Statement pieces- dramatic, meant to be the focal point of the room


   2. Accent pieces- low key, with colors and designs that pull the rest of the room into a cohesive design.


Here's how it works:


1. In the box below, you describe your vision and tell me which of my pieces speaks most to you. Decide on size, style, texture, and color. Also let me know if you want resin or not. Resin adds a high shine, and gloss.

If you'd like, I can take a virtual tour of the space, or look at the room rendering. Based on what I see, I suggest the ideal size, style, texture and color for the space.

2. We will email about pricing for the artwork and shipping. Once approved, I get to work creating a  breathtaking piece for your client, on wood or canvas. A 50% non refundable deposit is required before I  start. Halfway through I will send you an image so you can see how its progressing. Once finished, I will send you a picture of the finished look, and you will send the final payment.


4. The completed piece is beautifully wrapped and packaged, then shipped to you with a tracking number.

5. You install the artwork and thrill your client! The resin art pieces are heavy and will need to be professionally hung.


-I can recreate a sold piece to be similar. Below, just let me know the name of the piece as well as the sizing and color you would like.

Thanks for submitting!

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