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MATAN TORAH 18" x  25"

MATAN TORAH 18" x 25"




Original Artwork - varnished to ensure longevity


18x25 inches


Acrylic on Wood


Signed on front and back by Chaya Hindy


Ready to hang. The hanging hardware is installed in the back.


Certificate of Authenticity included.



This original painting captures the awe-inspiring moment when humanity received the Torah from Hashem—an event of profound miracles and divine revelation. Inspired by the timeless significance of this sacred exchange, the artwork immerses viewers in the splendor and wonder of witnessing such a miraculous event. Through vibrant colors and intricate details, 'Matan Torah' invites contemplation of the spiritual journey and the eternal bond between the divine and the human experience."



Ships within 5-10 days


For customers located outside the contiguous US – please inquire about the international shipping cost before purchasing.

If you have any other questions,contact me



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