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ANI MAMIN 24" x 25"

ANI MAMIN 24" x 25"




Original Artwork


24x25 inches


Acrylic on Wood with glossy, resin topcoat. Resin ensures longevity.


Signed on front and back by Chaya Hindy


Ready to hang. The hanging hardware is installed in the back.


Certificate of Authenticity included.



Ships within 5-10 days


For customers located outside the contiguous US – please inquire about the international shipping cost before purchasing.

If you have any other questions,contact me


The Inspiration:

I say Ani Mamin every morning, but creating this artwork helped me meditate on it through a deeper level.

Though the tear drenched walls, battered bricks, leaves me truly wondering, when will that day come?


 A captivating depiction of a Western wall adorned with textured maroon and brown toned bricks, reflecting the enduring hardships of the Jewish people. Golden tears cascade down, embodying their struggles, while a bold yellow sun at the center illuminates the enduring belief in a brighter tomorrow."


This painting was created on wood, with acrylic paint, lots of texture and resin topcoat. The resin creates a beautiful high shine, and gloss finish.







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