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CUSTOM 3ft x 5ft

CUSTOM 3ft x 5ft


Contact for custom inquiry.




Original Artwork


3ft x 5ft


Acrylic, mixed media on Wood with glossy, resin topcoat.


Signed on front and back by Chaya Hindy


Certificate of Authenticity included.



 The inspiration behind this work is deeply rooted in the profound significance of the Kosel for the Jewish people. The meticulously textured bricks aim to convey a sense of realism, making it almost tangible, as if one could reach out and feel the ancient stones. The textured raised bumps between the bricks aren't merely artistic elements; they symbolize the countless heartfelt letters, prayers, and wishes meticulously placed within the cracks of the ancient wall. Each textured ridge represents a connection, a moment of vulnerability, and a piece of someone's soul. This piece aims to encapsulate the sacredness of the Kosel, serving as a visual narrative of the prayers and emotions embedded in its very essence. It stands not just as a work of art but as a tangible representation of the rich tapestry of the Jewish heritage, a testament to the enduring strength and resilience of a people deeply connected to their roots. 


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