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WITH JOY, BLUE 24" x 30"

WITH JOY, BLUE 24" x 30"




Original Artwork - varnished to ensure longevity


24x30 inches


Acrylic on Canvas


Signed on front and back by Chaya Hindy


Ready to hang. The hanging hardware is installed in the back.


Certificate of Authenticity included.



Ships within 5-10 days


For customers located outside the contiguous US – please inquire about the international shipping cost before purchasing.

If you have any other questions,contact me


The Inspiration:

This series "With Joy" was inspired by my high school play. It highlighted the joys of serving Hashem holeheartedly, and with love. It was one of the best experiences of my life.


To serve with joy, to serve with love,
Aware that all comes from above,
Exhilarant that we earn places in eternity

To sing out loud with all your soul,
Where no one else can fill your roll,
It's gratitude that he is our King to serve with joy!!!!!!!!

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