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HOPE 25" x 30"

HOPE 25" x 30"




Original Artwork


25x30 inches


Acrylic on Wood + Glossy, resin topcoat


Signed on front and back by Chaya Hindy


Ready to hang. The hanging hardware is installed in the back.


Certificate of Authenticity included.



A breathtaking original masterpiece capturing the Western Wall against a canvas of ethereal lavender skies, radiating a message of boundless hope for the future was my intention for this piece. Set against the backdrop of a majestic sun, this painting epitomizes the enduring optimism that resonates within us each day. As the Kosel stands as a timeless symbol of faith and perseverance, 'Hope' reminds us of our capacity to live meaningfully, embracing hope as a guiding light through life's journey."




Ships within 5-10 days


For customers located outside the contiguous US – please inquire about the international shipping cost before purchasing.

If you have any other questions, contact me!



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