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RESILIENCE 30" x 30"

RESILIENCE 30" x 30"


Water is to our body as resiliency is to our souls. What part of your inner strength allows you to get through your day without feeling like you’re about to crumble? What is that intangible aspect to your personality that supports a healthy and optimistic lifestyle?  Resiliency. We can find a character who’s very essence personified resilience: David Hamelech.  We know who David Hamelech was but seldom do we contemplate his model qualities that should mold the way we lead our lives. Many of his psalms are words relating to a time when David was in distress. There was no doubt to his incredible resilience as it says: “ For the leader; with instrumental music. A maskil of David”. As you can see, I created a beautiful, vintage looking instrument. This is one tool David used as a resilience mechanism to cope with his innumerable challenges.


This violin has got plenty of texture on it, real dried flowers, some foam flowers, and 4 gold strings. To create the antiuque affect I used some hints of gold, rust and brown colors.


And then of course there's the tear drenched Tehillim. David used tools such as prayer and music to spring back with a vitality that nobody has been able to match.


The tehillim, has some magnificent textue to it too, colored with brown, white, and hints of yellow and orange. 


The backround of the painting is covered in gold leaf.


The entire painting is created on wood with a layer of resin to ensure that all the added media and texture sticks. Its completely cemented into the painting.


Painting is signed and dated by Chaya Hindy.



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