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THROUGH THE ASHES 28"x 36 1/2"

THROUGH THE ASHES 28"x 36 1/2"


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Original Artwork


28x36 1/2 inches


Acrylic, mixed media on Wood with glossy, resin topcoat.

Resin ensures longevity.


Signed on front and back by Chaya Hindy


Certificate of Authenticity included.



The decision to paint a menorah with bright, flickering candles emerged from a profound inspiration rooted in the historical resilience of the Jewish people. The notion was sparked by the acknowledgment of the darkness they have faced throughout the centuries—times of adversity, persecution, and challenges. 

The surrounding burnt paper with tears signifies the trials faced, underscoring the emotional depth of the journey.

Despite these shadows, the Jewish spirit has consistently emerged radiant, akin to the glow of candles on the menorah. This painting is a tribute to the indomitable strength and enduring light that characterizes the Jewish journey. It serves as a visual testament to the ability to rise above adversity, casting a luminous glow that transcends the struggles.

Amid the artistic journey, there is an undeniable joy that stems from capturing the essence of Chanukkah's luminosity. In every stroke, there's a celebration of resilience and the belief that even in the darkest moments, there's a profound light that transcends the shadows of the past.

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